Our Team

Escape Artists was founded by scientists from the food and pharmaceutical industries to bring new technologies and formulations to the medical and retail cannabis marketplace. We previously developed products that relieve pain, reduce stress, relax muscle tension, as well as products that just taste great.

Escape Artists borrowed technology and formulations from food and pharma that we knew worked, and applied them to our Escape Artists line of products. Escape Artists products are infused with the highest purity cannabinoids, both for quality and efficacy, because we are passionately dedicated to making products that deliver fast, reliable, and controlled experiences.

Escape with us!

Our Mission

Through innovative delivery mechanisms and revolutionary molecular pharmaceutical technologies, Escape Artists products deliver cannabinoids that perform at the highest levels – ensuring you can focus on getting the desired effect quickly, consistently and reliably.

Escape Artists applies proven pharmaceutical technologies to provide cannabis customers with fast, predictable, and enjoyable experiences. We encourage our employees to be creative developers, always dedicated to letting customers maintain control of their self-care needs.