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relief that speaks volumes + quality that sets standards

Welcome to Escape Artists, where we redefine the standard for premium cannabis topicals. Our products are designed to provide unparalleled relief, and we’re on a mission to bring this experience to dispensaries like yours.

who we are

Escape Artists was born from a passion for crafting top-quality cannabis relief creams. Since our inception in 2017, we’ve set the standard for trustworthy ingredients and precise dosages, allowing users to be in control of their cannabis journey.

We are the number one cannabis topical in Colorado, and are eager to earn our place in the top ranks in our newest states: Michigan, Nevada, and Missouri.

reasons to believe

We understand that customers seek products backed by science, quality, and market success. 

Here’s why Escape Artists stands out:

  • Science-Based Formulations: Led by our Chief Science Officer, Dr. Kyle Hammerick, a Stanford PhD with a background in nanoscale biology and drug delivery systems, our products are meticulously developed for efficacy.

  • Highest Quality Ingredients: We’re committed to using premium, meticulously sourced ingredients, ensuring consistency and excellence in every batch.

  • Comprehensive Support: From marketing resources to on-field support, we’re dedicated to empowering our retail partners for mutual success.

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