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unlocking the best cbd to thc ratio for you

In the dynamic landscape of cannabis, maybe you’ve heard about the importance of finding the ideal CBD to THC ratio. This exploration is more than a quest for the right product; it represents a deeper understanding of how these ratios influence wellness.

CBD to THC ratios are relevant for any type of cannabis product. In this case, topicals. Getting a sense of what each ratio has to offer will enable you to hone in on the product that’s right for you. While many topicals (like the ones by Escape Artists!) contain additional cannabinoids like CBG, there is still a benefit to finding out your ideal CBD to THC ratio. 

what are thc and cbd?

While many associate cannabis with THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol), these are just two of the numerous cannabinoids found in the plant.

THC is renowned not only for its psychoactive effects, which create the ‘high’ sensation, but also for its therapeutic properties, such as pain relief and mood elevation.

CBD, on the other hand, is lauded for its non-impairing therapeutic benefits, including anti-inflammatory and calming effects.

If you’re new to shopping for cannabis topicals, it’s important to note that the psychoactive effects commonly associated with THC are not a factor. You could take a bath in THC-rich creams and lotions, and you wouldn’t feel high because these products do not penetrate the blood-brain barrier. In essence, topical cannabis products are designed to provide therapeutic benefits of THC and CBD without the ‘high.’

Understanding how these two cannabinoids interact and complement each other is crucial in selecting a product that aligns with your wellness goals. This is especially true in a topical form where their synergy can be harnessed for targeted relief and comfort.

unlocking THC:CBD ratio

the basics of cbd to thc dosage in topicals

In the realm of topicals, the balance between CBD and THC takes on a different meaning.

While psychoactivity is not a concern here, the ratio of CBD to THC is still pivotal in determining the efficacy of the product for pain relief, inflammation reduction, and skin health.

High CBD formulations might be more soothing and anti-inflammatory. Whereas those with a higher THC content could be more effective in alleviating localized pain. The goal is to select a ratio that best addresses specific topical needs.

rose and bergamot relief cream

why combine cbd and thc in topicals?

In topicals, the combination of CBD and THC is not about achieving a psychoactive effect but about maximizing therapeutic potential.

Together, these compounds can enhance each other’s pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, making the product more effective for things like:

  • Muscle soreness
  • Skin irritation
  • Joint pain

The CBD:THC synergy is crucial for creating topicals that offer comprehensive relief.

a look at the entourage effect in topicals

The ‘entourage effect’ in the context of topicals refers to the enhanced effectiveness when multiple cannabis compounds/ This includes when CBD and THC are used together.

This concept suggests that a balanced ratio in a topical formulation can provide superior therapeutic benefits compared to using CBD or THC alone. This is particularly important for those seeking targeted relief without systemic effects.

focusing on therapeutic benefits, not psychoactivity

Given that topicals do not produce psychoactive effects, the discussion of balancing the ‘high’ from THC becomes irrelevant.

Instead, the emphasis is on how CBD can enhance THC’s pain-relieving properties and potentially help in reducing skin inflammation and irritation.

The role of CBD in a topical is to complement THC’s effects, making the product more effective for external applications. 

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common cbd to thc ratios

Whatever types of cannabis topicals you choose to explore, pay attention to the CBD:THC ratio, and make a note of what works best. How long does it take for effects to kick in? Did you find that the amount you used effectively targeted your area of concern? Do you feel that a second application have been helpful?

As you start exploring, here are some of the most common THC:CBD ratios you’ll find in topicals:

1:1 ratio

This balanced ratio is perfect for those seeking equilibrium in their CBD and THC intake. Ideal for general wellness, these creams can help soothe tension and aid in relaxation without producing intoxicating effects. An example in this category is Escape Artists’ Lavender Relief Cream, which combines 300mg of THC with 300mg of CBD.

For a more potent punch of relief, you might find that a higher THC:CBD, is preferable. We offer our Relief Cream in 800:800 milligrams for a super hefty dose of THC and CBD when you need extra relief. 

View our entire topical collection state by state to find out which sizes, ratios, and products are available near you. 

20:1 ratio

Designed for those who prefer a higher CBD concentration, this ratio is excellent for targeting muscle stiffness and persistent aches. The high CBD content ensures significant relief with minimal THC exposure. For example, our 20:1 THC Relief Cream with menthol includes 800 milligrams of CBD and 40 milligrams of THC. The soothing combo makes for an excellent addition to workout routines or weekend warrior relief.

2:1 and 3:1 ratios

Ratios like 2:1 and 3:1, where CBD is in higher concentration than THC, can offer more focused anti-inflammatory benefits. These ratios might be especially suitable for conditions involving skin inflammation or deeper muscle soreness. Whereas a slightly higher CBD concentration could provide enhanced relief.

10:1 ratios

A 10:1 CBD to THC ratio is geared towards maximizing the therapeutic potential of CBD while utilizing a minimal amount of THC. This ratio can be particularly effective for chronic conditions, where consistent and extensive relief is required. 

discover your personal cbd to thc ratio

Finding your ideal CBD to THC ratio is a personal journey. It involves experimentation and tuning into how your body responds to different combinations.

At Escape Artists, we understand this journey and offer a range of products to help you discover your perfect balance.

Whether you’re seeking relief from pain, anxiety, or just looking to enhance your daily routine, there’s an Escape Artists product that’s right for you.

Start your journey to find a retailer and explore the possibilities that await.

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