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flights on the go

You’re a cannabis lover who enjoys traveling, and you need something discreet, fast, and easy. Edibles are an option, but what if you prefer the rapid onset and effects of inhalation?

Burning down a pre-roll is anything but discreet. Vape pens are full of dubious additives and bad for the earth. You could go with a dry-herb vaporizer, which is still a bit messy, expensive, and not always well-made.

Or you could go clean with Escape Artist Flights next time you’re on the go.

escape artists mint flights

escape artists flights: how they work

For those curious about the next leap in cannabis consumption, Escape Artists Flights offer a groundbreaking solution. But what exactly are Flights, and how do they transform the cannabis experience?

Flights are dissolvable edible strips that present a novel way to enjoy THC without the smoke, mess, or wait associated with traditional methods. Designed for sublingual absorption, they bypass the liver, getting absorbed quickly through the transmucosal membranes in your mouth. This means you can expect a faster onset compared to typical edibles, without the health concerns or environmental impact of smoking or vaping.

what are flights made with

Escape Artists Flights are the result of 15 years of meticulous research into pharmaceutical delivery mechanisms by our Chief Science Officer, Kyle Hammerick. 

Each Flight boasts a perfectly balanced dose of 2.5mg CBD and 2.5mg THC, making microdosing a breeze and ensuring you can easily find your desired effect, or as we like to call it, the perfect cruising altitude. Our Sleep Flights also include CBN and CBG for a great night’s rest, and more potent flights are currently under development!

But it’s not just about the cannabinoids. Our Cool Mint Flights are crafted with a refreshing mint flavor, ensuring your experience leaves your breath fresh and your headspace clearer. Sleep Flights also include chamomile, honey, and lemon oil.

With 30 Flights per container, each journey with Escape Artists is both predictable and delightful, embodying the essence of microdosing convenience.

how do flights work

By placing a Flights tab between your cheek and gums or behind your lip, it dissolves directly into your bloodstream. This method allows for a quick onset of effects, sidestepping the digestive process and delivering cannabinoids more efficiently.

how long do they take to kick in

One of the most appealing aspects of Flights is their rapid onset time. Typically, one can start feeling the effects within 10-15 minutes of consumption, making it an ideal choice for those seeking immediate relief or a quick way to unwind.

how long does the high last

Despite their swift onset, Flights provide a lasting experience. The duration of the effects can vary based on individual metabolism, dosage, and tolerance levels. Generally, one can expect the benefits to persist for several hours, offering a prolonged period of relaxation or enhancement.

flights charcuterie board

let flights be your adventure companion

In a world where adventure awaits at every turn, having a cannabis companion that matches the pace of your lifestyle is essential. Escape Artists Flights are a passport to enhancing your experiences, wherever you desire. A cannabis high that you can slip out of your pocket, immediately, dose, and ascend to cruising altitude.

perfect party pairing

Imagine setting up the perfect grazing board, an array of cheeses, fruits, and crackers that delight the senses. Add Escape Artists Flights into the mix, and you’ve got a party where relaxation and social enjoyment fly high. 

This is a perfect match for Cool Mint Flights, bringing some energy to your party with a minty freshness that complements any culinary selection.

ideal for road trips

Long drives require snacks, playlists, and something to keep the vibe right. Flights are perfect for road trips, offering a smoke-free and discreet way to enjoy cannabis without the worry of melting or the need for additional gear. Their stability and ease of use mean you can focus on the journey, not the logistics of your cannabis consumption. 

Consider the Sleep Flight if you want to chill in the passenger seat and maybe catch a snooze before it’s your turn to drive. And be careful to avoid stoned driving.

biking, hiking, outdoor endeavors

For the adventurers trekking through trails or biking down paths, Flights provide an effortless boost. Their compact nature means they can go where you go, offering a quick and easy way to enhance your connection with nature without interrupting the flow of your activity. 

Opt for the Cool Mint Flight during your hike or slightly before, and save that Sleep Flight for much-deserved recovery time afterward.

movie night

Movies are always better on weed. Timing, though, can be tricky with regular edibles, and if you’re not into smoking/vaping or stinking up the room isn’t an option, Flights will do the trick. Consider Cool Mint Flights if you’ve got plans after the movie and Sleep Flights if you want to crash into bed afterward.

camping trips

When you’re out under the stars, simplicity is key. Flights are the perfect camping companion, offering a simple, mess-free way to enjoy cannabis by the campfire. Their discreet nature means you can enjoy the evening without drawing attention away from the natural beauty around you. 

A Sleep Flight ought to improve conditions in your sleeping bag, while leaving you recharged and ready to rock for the next day.

date night

Cannabis can be great for date night as long as you keep the dosage in check. With Flights, you and your date can get buzzed with ease and precision. Maybe it’s your first date, or maybe you’re celebrating an anniversary—a well-timed Flight can help set the mood, ensuring that both you and your partner are present and engaged. Consider Cool Mint Flights in this case to avoid any sleepy vibes.

escape artists sleep flights

enjoy your flight

Escape Artist Flights may stand in a category of their own, and this product is really about meeting modern cannabis consumers where they’re at, giving people more options to integrate cannabis into their lives during the moments that matter. Give them a try for all of your cannabis adventures on the go.

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