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tincture sleep

The Sleep variety of our popular Escape Artists Cannabis Tincture is the perfect nightcap with just 1.2mg of THC. That small dose blends soothing lemon-chamomile with other cannabis compounds including CBD, CBN, and CBG to fully sync with your endocannabinoid system for ultimate relaxation. You don’t need to worry about getting distracted from your bedtime routine because you’re too high to find your toothbrush, either. The low dose of THC is just enough to enhance those cozy, relaxed, and sleepy sensations without getting you so high you can’t sink into a sound night’s rest.
To unwind at bedtime, just drop the desired amount under the tongue and drift off.
7.5mg CBN, 3.7mg CBD, 2.5mg CBG, 1.2mg THC per serving, 300mg CBN, 150mg. CBD, 100mg CBG, 50mg THC per bottle, MCT oil*, cannabis extract, cannabidiol, lemon oil, chamomile flower extract, ashwagandha root extract, phytosterols, proprietary terpenes. *Contains coconut
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