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how are cannabis topicals made?

Cannabis is one of the most versatile plants on the planet. You can smoke it, eat it, vape it, and when talking about hemp–you can even use it to make paper, fuel, and fiber. Yet, one of the most underrated ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabis is through topicals. A cannabis topical is a cream, lotion, salve, oil, or balm that carries cannabinoids into your body through your skin. 

But, obviously, you can’t just apply a little cannabis to your skin, so how are cannabis topicals made to work? Let’s review the basic process and then talk a bit about what makes the Escape Artist formula so effective.

It Starts With a Plant

Of course, the first thing you need to make a cannabis topical is a cannabis plant! The flowers of that plant, to be more specific. Inside these flowers are the precious cannabinoids like THC and CBD that we want to apply to our skin. So, how do we get those beneficial compounds out of the plant and into something applicable? The next step is to extract the plant. 

Methods of Cannabis Extraction

There are many ways to extract or concentrate cannabis. Some manufacturers use butane or propane to extract the plant matter, and there are pros and cons to those methods. For our Escape Artist’s products, we like to use CO2 or ethanol-based extraction. We find that these methods produce a clean, high-quality, and potent cannabis oil that works well in our formulas. 

Formulating a Cannabis Topical

Cannabis oil is a very sticky substance. Think of it like a sap, where the resin of the plant is concentrated into one unit. And that one unit is very, very tacky! Now that you have cannabis oil, you not only need to make it an effective substance that spreads well onto the skin. You also need to make sure the cannabinoids absorb into the skin so they can get to work on targeting pain, inflammation, and discomfort. 

And on top of that – you want to make sure that the cannabis topical is enjoyable to use! That means that it smells nice, doesn’t stain your clothes, isn’t too greasy or oily, and offers a bit of moisturization. It’s a specialized skill, and not all cannabis topicals have perfectly nailed it. 

 This is where the magic happens!

How Escape Artists Crafts Award-Winning Topicals

Escape Artists’ topical creams are more than just your typical creams with added cannabinoids. They’re a breakthrough in skincare, using a special formula based on a proven technology called pluronic lecithin organogels, or PLO. This advanced system combines lecithin, a natural substance, with pluronic, a type of polymer, and water. In the 1990s, PLOs were developed to deliver drugs through the skin, and they’ve been successfully used with various medications.

Our topical cream, inspired by this technology, brings you all the benefits without the sticky feeling or any irritating substances. It’s a unique oil-in-water cream that goes on smoothly. Plus, it’s specially designed to help cannabinoids penetrate your skin effectively.

Thanks to ingredients like lecithin, which helps break through the skin’s outer layer, this cream allows cannabinoids to reach deep into areas that need relief. Studies have shown that around 6% of the cannabinoid dose actually gets through the skin, proving that our cream delivers cannabis right where it’s needed. And it doesn’t stop there. The delivery continues for hours, with a measured 0.67 µg/cm2 at 24 hours and 1.0 µg/cm2 after 48 hours.

In essence, Escape Artists’ topical cream isn’t just a moisturizer with added cannabinoids—it’s a scientifically backed solution designed for effective, long-lasting relief.

Escape Artist Relief Cream

Now that we’ve uncovered the fascinating science behind cannabis topicals, let’s zoom in on one of our most coveted creations: the Relief Cream. This isn’t just your average cream with added cannabinoids. When it comes to pain, inflammation, and discomfort, we understand the importance of targeting them precisely.

Choosing the Right Relief Cream for You

Now, let’s explore the different Relief Cream SKUs and the scenarios where each one can offer optimal relief:

800mg CBD / 800mg THC (1:1 Formula) – Rose & Bergamot | Cedar & Black Pepper

  • Best for: Those seeking the highest potency 1:1-ratio for a premium topical experience. Ideal for delivering the most effective blend of cannabinoids directly and quickly to areas needing immediate relief.

300mg CBD / 300mg THC (1:1 Formula) – Lavender | Menthol | Unscented

  • Best for: Targeting more localized, acute areas needing relief. The balanced blend of CBD and THC is great for everyday use.

800mg CBD / 40mg THC (20:1 Formula) – Lavender | Menthol | Unscented

  • Best for: Those looking for a great everyday formula or starting point for new topical consumers. The high-CBD ratio provides effective relief without significant psychoactive effects.

Choosing the right Relief Cream is a personal decision based on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re seeking immediate relief or looking for a more balanced approach, Escape Artists has a solution crafted just for you.

In the world of cannabis topicals, Escape Artists Relief Cream stands out as a scientifically-backed solution designed for effective, long-lasting relief. Experience the difference today, and let the moments of comfort and relief add up to a more present you.

Remember, presence is a promise to yourself, and Escape Artists is here to help you keep it.

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