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welcoming coda signature to the escape artists family

We are thrilled to announce an exciting development for our loyal customers. Escape Artists has acquired Coda Signature, uniting two esteemed Colorado-grown, award-winning brands. This merger ensures that you can continue enjoying your favorite high-quality products, now with even more convenience and variety.

the journey to this exciting endeavor

Earlier this year, Coda Signature faced the difficult decision to close its doors. Recognizing the incredible legacy and value of Coda, Escape Artists stepped in to acquire the brand and breathe new life into its exceptional line of edibles. This acquisition allows us to preserve and enhance the Coda experience.

We asked Chef Lauren, the creator of all the delicious recipes, to join us to bring it back exactly as it was. Her expertise and passion for crafting premium edibles will continue to guide our commitment to excellence in the cannabis industry. We are learning so much from her, and eagerly sampling her incredible chocolate!

coda signature joins the escape artists family.

what this means for our customers

For our customers, this acquisition means a seamless continuation of Coda’s delicious edibles. You can expect the same exceptional flavors and high-quality ingredients to hit the shelves of your favorite dispensaries. Don’t see our products in your local shop? Tell them to give us a shout!

Escape Artists is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in the industry. We are excited to expand our product offerings to include Coda’s renowned edibles. This merger combines the best of both worlds, ensuring a comprehensive range of wellness products to meet your needs.

pairing escape artists and coda signature products

We are excited to introduce you to the unique combinations possible with Escape Artists’ topicals and Coda’s artisanal edibles. Here are some perfect pairings to elevate your wellness routine:

  • Coda Cream & Crumble Chocolate Bar + Escape Artists Lemon Tincture: Enjoy the creamy, crunchy delight of Coda’s Cream & Crumble chocolate bar, perfectly complemented by the refreshing zest of Escape Artists Lemon Tincture for a bright and uplifting experience.
  • Coda Coffee & Doughnuts Chocolate Bar + Escape Artists Sleep Tincture: Start your day with the rich, robust flavors of Coda’s Coffee & Doughnuts chocolate bar, and wind down in the evening with the calming effects of Escape Artists Sleep Tincture for a restful night’s sleep.
  • Coda Maple & Pecan Chocolate Bar + Escape Artists Bath Bombs: Indulge in the sweet and savory notes of Coda’s Maple & Pecan chocolate bar, paired with a relaxing bath using Escape Artists Bath Bombs for a luxurious and soothing end to your day.

These pairings showcase the synergy between our brands, providing you with innovative ways to enjoy cannabis products that enhance both taste and wellness.

looking ahead

At Escape Artists, our commitment to quality and excellence remains steadfast. We are excited to offer you an expanded product range and new opportunities to experience the combined strengths of Coda and Escape Artists.

We invite you to explore our enhanced offerings and find the perfect pairings that fit your lifestyle. Thank you for your continued support and trust in Escape Artists. Together with Coda Signature, we look forward to serving you better and celebrating this new chapter with you.

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