Now Available in Missouri

live resin infused pre-rolled joint sativa

sizes available: 1g, 0.5g
Escape Artists’ premium pre-rolls are blended with proprietary live resin extract—a cannabis concentrate beloved by connoisseurs for its high quality and rich flavors and aromas. Because live resin is made from cannabis plants flash-frozen just after harvest, it preserves the terpene profiles that contribute to live resin’s unparalleled flavor, aromas, and effects. When live resin is combined with traditional flower you unlock a top-shelf array of cannabinoid compounds that add up to a blissful escape for the senses. Wake yourself up to the present moment with our uplifting sativa pre-roll.
Light it up to savor solo or puff-puff pass to a friend.
Each joint is infused with high-quality live resin extracts and premium flower
1 Gram Joint

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