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You’ve never had a weed brownie like this! Check out our mint dark chocolate fudge recipe and satisfy your sweet tooth.
For those who want a little THC on the downlow, Escape Artists’ Flights are the perfect companion.
We have your new favorite green drink—Matcha Mojito with Raspberries. It's perfect for relaxation with a healthy twist of CBD and THC.
Do you use cannabis in your nighttime routine? Here are a few practical tips for putting a little THC into your TLC time.
Discover how to enhance your mornings by adding cannabis to your morning ritual while remaining focused and productive.
Indulge in Sleepytime Almond Cacao Bites: a sweet, no-bake treat infused with sleep tincture for a perfectly relaxing evening.
Uncover how cannabis and dreaming are intertwined, with insights into how usage affects dream frequency and vividness.
These frozen citrus-ginger cubes are as delicious as they are healthy. Make them with Escape Artists tincture for a perfect microdose of THC.

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