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Our pharma-grade creams are formulated with carefully selected ingredients that enhance transdermal penetration at the cellular level, bringing cannabinoids deeper into the skin in minutes. We use purified cannabidiol and cannabis extract in a smooth water-based formula that is never waxy or greasy. Escape Artists topicals are made from premium ingredients sourced from reputable purveyors with stringent quality standards, without parabens or phthalates. Our topicals provide an alternative to smoking or edibles and can be used to recover from whatever wears you down throughout the day. Whether you're coping with a chronic condition, are an athlete pushing through training, or simply need a break from the usual aches and stiffness that comes from a hectic lifestyle, we have your back.


Life's too short to roll your own joint. Our job is to get you to the good part, so we rolled up a joint for you the next time you could use an escape. Like you, our Live Resin Pre-Rolls have a lot of layers, too. We infuse fresh, quality cured cannabis flower with concentrated five resin made from cannabis plants fresh-frozen the minute they're harvested. We thoughtfully package each pre-roll to keep it ultra-fresh until it's time to unwind. The result is a ready-to-enjoy joint to elevate any occasion.


Escape Artists Flights are designed for quick onset and easy-to-manage dosing –– allowing you to take off and land on time. With either 5mg or 2.5mg of THC per dissolvable sublingual strip, Flights are discreet, portable and simple to enjoy with friends. There’s no other product like Flights in the Colorado market.


Before federal prohibition, tinctures were once one of the most common ways to consume cannabis, particularly for medicinal purposes. So why mess with a classic? Our tinctures blend high-quality cannabis extracts and organic coconut (MCT) carrier oil along with delicate natural flavorings. Our intentionally simple tinctures metabolize efficiently to provide a quicker onset and consistent experience. As with all Escape Artists products, we back up our tinctures with fully accredited batch testing to ensure quality and safety so you can microdose or full-dose with confidence.